Hard facts

  • Without help, 49% adult ex-prisoners will return to custody within 12 months of release
  • For those serving sentences of less than 12 months, this increases to 71%
  • At least 11% of prisoners are released homeless
  • 39% of have physical or mental health problems
  • 50% have an addiction
  • Reoffending by all recent ex – prisoners costs the economy 13 billion annually.
  • To keep one person in prison costs on average £40,000 per year – that’s £119 per day.

These kinds of figures aren’t in anyone’s interest. They affect all of us.

Will you support On The Out?

Life’s tough if you’re an ex-prisoner

The brutal truth is, some people will never see ex-prisoners as a cause worth fighting for.

But that’s not the whole story.

There are good people out there. People with the wisdom to listen. People with kind hearts. People with open minds.

We hope one of those people is you.

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