On the Out is a free service for ex-prisoners

Created and run by ex-prisoners

When you think about it, it makes obvious sense. Who better to meet the needs of ex-prisoners than ex-prisoners? Men and women who alone have the insight and understanding to put themselves completely in the client’s shoes. Men and women who’ve walked the same road. Men and women who speak the same language.

Men and women who, by the very act of supporting others, are able to grow in confidence themselves.

Men and women who, in the words of one, want the chance to give the kind of help they themselves once so desperately needed.

Men and women who work on a wholly voluntary basis, and ask for nothing more, in return, than knowing that they’ve done some good.

It makes so much sense that On the Out is an organisation we just had to create. So we did, back in 2016. Since then, we’ve become an important resource for newly-released prisoners from HMP Manchester and prisons in the North West. The support we offer starts with meeting our client at the prison gate. And from there, it can take all manner of forms – depending on what the particular situation requires. We support to find accommodation. We help a person to access benefits, employment, education. We accompany a person to appointments, link to mental health or addiction services – whatever that person wants.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please get in touch via the Contact page. We would particularly like to hear from people who have spent time in prison.

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